Haygain hay steamers

New science on steaming

A new study by Dr Dauvillier and Dr Erck-Westergren has found that feeding Haygain steamed hay reduces the incidence of horses developing IAD (Inflammatory Airway Disease) by 63%.

The study also found that 84% of all horses examined were suffering from IAD. 

Scientifically proven

The study found that the main origins of IAD was the horse's bedding and forage, and that of the different forage options (dry hay, soaked hay, haylage and steamed hay) steamed hay not only had the lowest risk but was the ONLY method which significantly decreased the risk of IAD.

Also improves your health

Did you know that 25% of people working with horses have a diagnosed respiratory condition such as asthma, not to mention all the hay fever suffers. Steamed hay effectively reduces these incidences.

Helps the environment

Steaming hay also drastically reduces water consumption, and is pollutant free. Post-soak water is contaminated with bacteria, mould, WSC, proteins and minerals which leach out of the hay.