Professional Riders and Trainers

“I’m always striving for the best of everything. I was impressed with the science behind Haygain hay steamers and now I know that we are giving the best forage possible, whilst stabled, travelling and competing.”

Ben Maher, MBE

British International show jumper and Olympic Gold medallist,UK

“Haygain hay steamers have revolutionised the way I feed hay to my horses. It’s such a comfort knowing our hay is so palatable and spore free. Dust- and spore-free hay is vital to any sport horse, and in particular my eventers. Very little water is needed, and as a result there is less waste and more savings. It is also a much easier and a less messy job than soaking.”

Matt Ryan

International event rider and triple Olympic Gold medallist, Australia

“I received our first Haygain Steamer about 9 months after losing my favourite FEI partner to COPD, resulting from pneumonia that started at a horse show. I worked so hard to save him including soaking all hay and watering all bedding. I only wished I had known about Haygain sooner.

Now I not only use my Haygain at home for our competition horses, but also recommend them for my equine patients during many of my veterinary calls. I recommend them for all top athletes that need the best of respiratory health in order to compete. I also recommend Haygain in my practice for horses with respiratory and skin allergies, COPD, poor appetite and colic issues. I really appreciate you building such a superior product.

I never want to go back to soaking hay again; as an asthmatic and an athlete myself, I cannot stick my nose in a regular bale of hay, but I can in a bale that has come out of the Haygain machine! "

Wren Burnley DVM

FEI dressage rider and trainer, Fulton, Kentucky, USA 

“ In 2009, my top advanced horse, Manoir De Carneville, pulled up from a 9 minute cross country round with large amounts of blood coming from his nose. I was shocked and spent the next few weeks scoping, taking blood samples and ultimately doing allergy tests. It turns out my horse was suffering from severe allergies to hay. He was having problems breathing and under the high stress at the FEI level, the severity of his allergy became apparent. I was soon introduced to Haygain and it has become one of my favourite products. Haygain keeps my horses healthy and happy - giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed.”

Sinead Halpin

International event rider and US Eventing Association certified trainer, USA  

“I'm very pleased I took the decision to invest in Haygain machines. We process over 8 bales of hay a day using one full bale unit and take the smaller unit away to competitions all over Europe, which we find essential.

The horses have been free from coughs and nasal discharge, they are healthy and performing well - so what more can I ask for? Haygain has been a fantastic company to deal with and has always provided a first class service.”

William Fox-Pitt

International event rider and triple Olympic medallist, UK  

“We all know that dry hay, even of the best quality, contains dust that affects horses’ respiratory system. To be sure that my event horses’ forage is clean and free of any dust or spores that may affect their performance, I use Haygain hay steamers. The Haygain has fitted into the yard routine beautifully and the horses are really enjoying the steamed hay. The HG Go is ideal to travel with and ensures my horses receive the same consistently clean forage away at competitions as they do at home.”

Sir Mark Todd

International event rider and double Olympic Gold medallist, New Zealand  

“ Haygain hay steamers have been worth the investment! Our horses look a million dollars, a vast improvement in their condition, which is showing up in blood tests and clean scoping which is now down to a minimum. They eat their hay so much better, with not a scrap of wastage in the boxes and no wastage now in the hay barn, as all the hay is steamed in the bale and then distributed. No mess. We get really good, instant service from the Haygain team.”

Sarah Moore

Stan Moore Racing, Lambourn, UK

“I first was introduced to the Haygain hay steamer at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. I have been on a constant quest to find ways of improving the contaminated respiratory environments that our horses live in most of their lives. We had wetted our hay in the past to diminish the dust but the Haygain hay steamer offered so much more. It not only eliminates the dust that is so problematic, but it also kills most of the bacteria and fungal spores that can contribute to inflammatory airway disease (IAD).

An added benefit of steaming hay is creating a more highly digestible ration, with a higher absorbability of nutrients. Steaming the hay also helps to protect against colic. I have been using the Haygain steamers at my training facility in Texas for 2 years with significant results. I have also provided them to my trainer Eoin Harty for use at the racetrack.

The logic and need for the steamer is obvious. IAD is ongoing problem with so many horses. Their respiratory systems are constantly challenged, especially at the racetrack, where stalls continually accumulate dust and pathogens. If horses are to achieve their athletic potential, it is essential that we work to provide them with as clean a breathing environment as possible. I commend Haygain for recognizing the need and their goal of developing products that we can use to better manage the respiratory system of the horse.”

Bill Casner

Legendary Thoroughbred Racehorse Owner, Trainer and Breeder of Flower Mound, Texas and Versailles, Kentucky, USA  

“I use my Haygain hay steamer to steam quality hay for my race horses. The horses really seem to enjoy the highly palatable steamed hay more so than dry hay. As a trainer, Haygain gives me confidence when we perform post-race scopes and see that the trachea is staying clean and clear. The Haygain system has helped us to minimize the amount of medication used on our horses.”

Al Stall

TB trainer of Blame, winner of the Breeders Cup 2010, USA 

“Haygain hay steamers have made a significant contribution to the yard. Not only have we benefitted from several cleaner scopes, but the horses also seem to love the steamed hay. We have just taken delivery of yet another Haygain hay steamer!”

James Fanshawe

Racehorse trainer, UK

They are a great idea, work very well and take the fungal dust problem away completely. I've got 6 Haygain units: three in each yard. I get the service and the horses find even the top quality hay I feed more palatable, they really do eat it well, so there is little wastage. They look really good on it so I'm very happy with Haygain!”

Richard Hannon

Richard Hannon Racing, UK

“An immediate positive effect was evident in horses with irritable airways when we started using the Haygain hay steamer; when we stopped using it, those horses started coughing again within four days. We are now using Haygain as part of our daily feeding regime. It is indispensable to us, as it undoubtedly benefits our horses.”

Hughie Morrison

Flat Trainer, UK