This research used four different hays with varying degrees of quality and showing that a 50 minute steam in the HAYGAIN HG1000 was effective at reducing respirable particles in all hays, whether only slightly dusty or highly contaminated.

April 18, 2016

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April 22, 2016

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Investigation into the effect of different treatments on Hay and Haylage on forage pH levels, in relation to EGUS in the horse.

April 22, 2016

BSc thesis, Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, UK. Dewhurst J. 2014 The effect of soaking or steaming in the HG 600 hay steamer on the pH of hay and haylage
This study showed that horses preferred to eat steamed hay compared with haylage and dry hay.

April 22, 2016

Proceedings of British Society of Animal Science Conference, Nottingham April 2013. Brown, E., Tracey, S and Gowers, I. 2013 An investigation to determine the palatability of steamed hay, dry hay and haylage.